How We Get the Job Done

Our streamlined, repeatable process.

Our 5-Step Process


Client Acquisition Process

We conduct an in-person site evaluation for every worksite.  Understanding the job and ensuring it is a safe work environment is only the beginning. We leverage our extensive industry experience to also focus on truly listening to our clients’ needs. This helps us better ensure the right skills and employee fit for the job.


Construction/Skilled Trade Acquisition Process

It is one thing to say it and another to do it. We first ensure certifications and licenses are reviewed and verified. From there, we drill deep into prior experience. We want to see the jobs they have been on, and successful projects completed through our employees’ eyes. It helps us to ensure the correct expertise and fit. Finally, we ask them to show us. With certain positions, like electricians, we have basic skills testing in place.


Driver Acquisition Process

DOT has a required basic hiring standard which we meet and then exceed in many ways. Our screening and vetting process ensures the minimum DOT standard is met. We then customize it to any unique client requirements. This “ticket to admission” is a given for us and reassures our clients. Once we have demonstrated our compliance expertise, we get on with the more critical part of the process: fitting the right driver to the right job.


Ongoing Validation

Getting drivers and skilled trade/construction employees credentialed and hired is one thing. It is another to ensure they stay that way. We use industry-leading tools to maintain ongoing files. Items like MVR monitoring, active license checks, med card updates, and random drug and alcohol screening are ways we deliver compliance and peace of mind.


Client Development Process

We don’t see ourselves in the “temp” industry. Instead, we seek to be the long-term employer of choice for our Clients. As such, we approach client relationships differently. We aim not to get an order but to help our clients solve an immediate problem. We choose to measure success by the long-term value we deliver. Ongoing, we want to be trusted advisors who, based on our expertise, business savvy, and natural curiosity, bring solutions that make a difference. We do this by asking great questions, challenging the status quo, demonstrating a willingness to help solve tough problems, and delivering consistently without excuses.